Ny toppdomän: .TOP aktiverad

Aktiverade nya toppdomäner

Idag aktiverades toppdomänen .TOP i rootzonen. Regelverket för .TOP är synnerligen otydligt. Toppdomänsoperatören Jiangsu Bangning Science & Technology Co.,Ltd skriver i sin ansökan:

The vision for .TOP is to be connected namespace for all companies and individuals that want to attract and serve selective groups of the Chinese internet population and help promote innovation, participation and collaboration among them. . To the Chinese user, “top” with its literal meaning is synonymous to the Chinese characters “排行榜” (which means “ranking” in English). It is used commonly in daily conversations when discussing about ranking of things like industries, entertainment and cities etc. The average Chinese user has a craze for rankings and competitions and one can almost find a reason to compete and rank for any type of thing or phenomenon. Each quarter or year, various rankings will be released to commemorate the best players in various industry sectors.

.TOP can be registered by prospective registrant who is listed on the official ranking list of the industry or who is the producer or publisher of a ranking list.

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