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Aktiverade nya toppdomäner

Nya toppdomäner: .KRD, .LACAIXA, .LGBT, .NGO, .NRA och .SPIEGEL aktiverade

Idag aktiverades de sex nya toppdomänerna .KRD, .LACAIXA, .LGBT, .NGO, .NRA och .SPIEGEL.


"The mission⁄purpose of the .krd TLD is to promote the Kurdistan region of Iraq and elevate the people of Kurdistan onto the international stage by providing an online space in which to promote and develop the culture and language of the Kurdistan Region and its people. As such, the TLD aims to establish a dedicated, open namespace that represents Kurdish people within Kurdistan and internationally, and offers a new and innovative approach for internet users globally to engage with the people of Kurdistan."


"La Caixa d’Estalvis i Pensions de Barcelona (“la Caixa”) is submitting the .lacaixa application as a TLD for Institutional purposes for “la Caixa” Group services and products."


"The mission of the .LGBT TLD is to provide individuals and businesses a namespace on the Internet to establish meaningful and relevant identities related to their connection with LGBT (lesbian gay bisexual and transgendered) issues, topics and people, and to promote organizations, companies, products and services especially geared toward people who identify themselves as participating in that lifestyle. The primary purpose is to foster a sense of shared identity and trust among individuals, businesses and organizations who identify with this distinction. We anticipate a variety of reasons that businesses, organizations and individuals would want to acquire domains under the .LGBT TLD"


"The National Rifle Association (NRA) consists of hundreds of affiliated partners, projects and programs, many of them with their own identities and domain names. These institutions range from training and education programs to law enforcement services and programs for women and youth. They also encompass scores of affiliated and volunteer-run programs that currently operate under different identities."


"Since its founding in 1947, Spiegel has become the most widely-read and highly respected German news magazine, selling one million copies each week and reaching roughly six million readers. A growing percentage of its circulation is from individuals residing outside of Germany. The company’s website, at “spiegel.de” is accessible from every mobile device format, and attracts approximately ten million unique viewers. The company currently generates revenues of about EUR 30 million, predominately through advertising sales and, in a smaller part, through digital subscriptions."
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